First, the most important drive of a successful dealership is having a leader that truly believes that good customer relations are important to the business, and not only conveys this to all employees, but also demonstrates it in all interactions with the employees and customers. One who not just talks a talk, but walks the walk

The second key is happy employees. Employees that happy in their work environment do a better job in all aspects. This means they are able and ready to make decisions on their own, have the ability to shape their job requirements in order to be more efficient, and feel as though they are a valuable part of the team and asset to the dealership. Employees that are happy and empowered do a better job of taking care of you, the customer.

The Car buying process should NEVER be a painful one - and making sure of that is our top priority. Actually, the car buying experience should be 100% painless, and be enjoyable and exciting! We use all the latest tools available to price our cars competitively and fair,we appraise our trade ins based on current marketing conditions, and create a sales process with out haggling and deceptive numbers that we have seen used by some dealers. We think that when you break down the numbers where they make sense - it takes the grief out of the car buying process.